Friday, 5 April 2013

What's in my hand luggage?

Hi Guys :)
So it's the first week of April and London is still bitterly cold - on some days as cold as -5 degrees! I've taken it upon myself to find some sun elsewhere - and have decided to go to Rome!
I'm flying out next week so have really got to get cracking on my packing (ha, that rhymed!) - I've still got to plan my all-weather outfits, pack my beauty supplies and leave room for all the goodies I'm going to bring back!
I've packed teeny-tiny sizes of everything as I'll only be there for 3 days and want to travel light as possible so I won't have to lug huge cases and hold-alls along the cobbled streets of Italia in sky scraper heels! Haha..
These are the basic supplies for my flight - passport (how cute is this case?!), camera, my iPad (gotta get my Candy Crush fix!), a magazine (I love me some Cosmo!), intensive moisturiser to keep my skin baby-bum-soft, lip products, antibacterial wipes, deodorant and cuticle oil.. I need to add sucky-sweets to stop my ears popping during take off/landing, a big warm hoodie and of course my Cushtie - literally like laying on a cloud!
Let me know if you think I've forgotten anything, or any fun things I can bring to keep me entertained on the flight :)
Miss Morgan x

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  1. I love to read magazines on flights too! I think I need some wet wipes to take with me out and about, I nearly always manage to spill things haha :) Lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it :)

    Megan x