Wednesday, 15 May 2013

25 facts about me :)

Hi guys :)

I've been doing this blogging thing for a whole month now (check me out) and I've noticed that none of my posts are that personal.

I put up some pictures from my trip to Rome, but overall, my posts have all been mini hauls and random stuffs.

So I thought I'd post today and just tell you some random facts about me. Most of you are probably thinking "no one cares", but for the people that have messaged and asked me to post more personal blogs, here goes :)

1. Morgan is my real name (in case you were wondering)..

2. I'm primarily left handed, but can write with my right hand too.

3. I'm scared of the dark.

4. I have a phobia of anything dinosaur-ish. Crocodiles, turtles, frogs - anything that looks like it should be extinct, makes my skin crawl :( 

5. I'm VERY superstitious and would never walk under a ladder, break a mirror (on purpose) or not salute a magpie.

6. I'm born and raised in London, and could never see myself living anywhere else.

7. For my New Years Resolution, I wrote a Bucket List of 100 things I want to do before I die (morbid, I know) and have already managed to cross off more than a quarter!

8. Aside from the odd trim, I've never cut or dyed my hair, and was once offered £1000 to have it made into extensions!!

9. I'm a big football fan and support Arsenal as I'm a North London girl ;)

10. I've bitten my nails since I was tiny, and only managed to stop last year after trying the most AWFUL medicated stuff. So far, it's worked :)

11. I'm OCD about 5p. I can't touch them, and when they're in my purse, I have to turn it upside down to get them out. I don't know why I do it, and it's only with 5p, but I physically can't touch them :(

12. One of my eyes is much smaller than the other. When I smile, it almost completely closes, and the other stays normal. Weird, I know.

13. I work as a Nanny.

14. I have a BSc Degree, and am currently studying for my Masters Degree.

15. I used to be a size 14, but slimmed down to a size 8 after coming out of a long-term relationship.

16. I don't own a smartphone.

17. I have 9 piercings and 1 tattoo.

18. I'm very shy, and even had to take confidence classes so I was able to present my final project for my Bachelors Degree.

19. I have so many allergies and ailments, my friends call me Melman (after the giraffe from Madagascar).

20. I don't drink, smoke or swear.

21. I've broken my nose 3 times.
22. I have a black belt in Wu Shu Kwan - a form of Kickboxing, and have recently started Krav Maga (Google it, it's INSANE!)
23. Last year I was involved in a bus crash - I broke my nose (again), and bit through my cheek which has left a v-shaped scar just above my lip - you may be able to see it in the picture above :(
24. I'm teaching myself British Sign Language and Makaton :)
25. I've never been in love.
So there you have it. A bit more about me :) I'd love to read some facts about all you lovelies, so leave a link to your "25 facts" below, and be sure to follow!
Miss Morgan x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rome: Day 3

Hi lovelies :)
As promised, here is day 3 of my Rome trip.
This was our last full day, so we raced around Rome, doing as many of the touristy things we could.. We went to the Colosseum, the Forum and the Trevi Fountain (twice!)..
Enjoy :)
The idea behind the Trevi Fountain is that you throw a coin over your left shoulder, to ensure you'll return to Rome.. I did it, so *fingers crossed* I get the opportunity to return :)
You can even see St. Peter's from the Forum!
Home <3
Check back tomorrow for the final day of my Rome holiday!
Miss Morgan x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rome: Day 2

Hi girlies :)
As I've been so rubbish with posting lately, I'm going to try to make it up to you.. So here is day 2 of my recent trip to Rome..
Day 2 was our first day waking up in Rome, and the weather was amazing.. But being a Londoner, I have no idea how to dress for the weather - vests and shorts in the snow and jumpers and long johns in the blazing heat - normal!
We went to St. Peter's which was AMAZING. The crowds were crazy, so we didn't go inside, but even from outside you couldn't mistake the beauty of the place. The Brother building to St. Peter's, St. Paul's is actually really close to my house, and since I've been back, I've been looking at it in a completely different light..
It looks even better at night...
Check back for days 3 and 4 coming soon! :)
Miss Morgan x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rome: Day 1

Hi guys!
It's been a while since I've posted - work and Uni have been super-busy, but I always thought I had good time-management.. Evidently not!
So as promised, here's part 1 of my trip to Rome in April! It was honestly one of the best holidays I've ever been on! Although it wasn't a typical sunbathing holiday, I love the buzz of different cities, and I've always loved Italy - the food, the fashion (the men *cough cough) so it was an ideal trip..
Goodbye London...
I didn't realise I was scared of flying until I was sat at the window closest to the wing of the plane. If you can choose your seat, I'd advise you to sit well away from it, unless you want to pee your pants during take-off/landing!
We flew from London Gatwick, over Paris, then Geneva, to get to Rome. I was half-asleep when the Pilot came on the overhead radio to say we were flying over Lake Geneva. How AMAZING is this view?! Geneva is now on my list of Places To Go Before I Die, so if you live there, I'm VERY jealous! 
We had 4 full days in Rome, but that didn't stop us dropping our bags at the hotel and rushing straight out to the Spanish Steps! As it was so lovely and sunny, everywhere was really crowded. We pushed our way through the hoards of people to the top of the steps - (which can I just say, is a workout on it's own!) and were able to see some amazing views. Excuse my photography - I was in Super-Excited-Holiday-Mode!
As it was so hot, I felt it was only fair to stop off and get some Italian strawberries. Like British strawberries, but from Italy - haha! I'm that girl who will be suckered into buying things I can get at home for half the price, just because it says "Made In.. Not England" haha..
Being from London (and a regular on London Underground), I thought I was fully-equipped with pointy elbows and a "Don't Look At Me" face for use on the Roman Subway... How wrong I was!! After 5mins, I was sweating, squashed up against the doors and being hassled by a gypsy with an accordion! If anyone has seen the video of the train guards in China pushing commuters onto the carriages during rush hour, you have an idea of how I felt!
They also play some of the most random adverts I have ever seen - namely, a dog wearing a suit, eating Peanut Butter. Don't believe me? ...
And so, Day 1 of Rome came to an end. We were jet-lagged, sunburnt and sleepy, but full of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato and went to sleep very very happy :)
Check back for days 2, 3 and 4 coming very soon!
Miss Morgan x