Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rome: Day 1

Hi guys!
It's been a while since I've posted - work and Uni have been super-busy, but I always thought I had good time-management.. Evidently not!
So as promised, here's part 1 of my trip to Rome in April! It was honestly one of the best holidays I've ever been on! Although it wasn't a typical sunbathing holiday, I love the buzz of different cities, and I've always loved Italy - the food, the fashion (the men *cough cough) so it was an ideal trip..
Goodbye London...
I didn't realise I was scared of flying until I was sat at the window closest to the wing of the plane. If you can choose your seat, I'd advise you to sit well away from it, unless you want to pee your pants during take-off/landing!
We flew from London Gatwick, over Paris, then Geneva, to get to Rome. I was half-asleep when the Pilot came on the overhead radio to say we were flying over Lake Geneva. How AMAZING is this view?! Geneva is now on my list of Places To Go Before I Die, so if you live there, I'm VERY jealous! 
We had 4 full days in Rome, but that didn't stop us dropping our bags at the hotel and rushing straight out to the Spanish Steps! As it was so lovely and sunny, everywhere was really crowded. We pushed our way through the hoards of people to the top of the steps - (which can I just say, is a workout on it's own!) and were able to see some amazing views. Excuse my photography - I was in Super-Excited-Holiday-Mode!
As it was so hot, I felt it was only fair to stop off and get some Italian strawberries. Like British strawberries, but from Italy - haha! I'm that girl who will be suckered into buying things I can get at home for half the price, just because it says "Made In.. Not England" haha..
Being from London (and a regular on London Underground), I thought I was fully-equipped with pointy elbows and a "Don't Look At Me" face for use on the Roman Subway... How wrong I was!! After 5mins, I was sweating, squashed up against the doors and being hassled by a gypsy with an accordion! If anyone has seen the video of the train guards in China pushing commuters onto the carriages during rush hour, you have an idea of how I felt!
They also play some of the most random adverts I have ever seen - namely, a dog wearing a suit, eating Peanut Butter. Don't believe me? ...
And so, Day 1 of Rome came to an end. We were jet-lagged, sunburnt and sleepy, but full of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato and went to sleep very very happy :)
Check back for days 2, 3 and 4 coming very soon!
Miss Morgan x

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